Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Michael the Magnificently Mad. 

My little brother Michael is my favorite person to interact with. He is the most decidedly backwards person there ever was. Michael is about 12 and knows everything there is to know about everything.
 He spews out all of the information he hears in the loudest way so that everyone will hear what he has to say. I guess  there are worse ways to communicate, and his way is quite amusing. 
 There he is making friends with those two nice gentlemen !!

 I'm just like everybody else.

Sometimes people tell Michael that he can act anyway he wants because he's a little challenged. Michael wears hearing aides because he can't always hear what is going on, he has ADHD and Dyslexia. 
Michael is my little brother but he is none of those things and his actions are his own. 
He uses hearing aids to hear better and that's it. His ADHD is nothing more than focus misplaced. Michael preforms magnificently when focused and doesn't let his ADHD or his Dyslexia define him. 
This one time Michael was well Michael in class and came home with a pretty bad note from his teacher and my mom just jogged it off as normal. Michael was tickled pink that he got away with his behavior until I got home from school. I promptly made him write an apology letter to the teacher and the students.But the point isn't that I'm an overbearing sister or that he was being punished.The point I hope to make is that Michael wrote that letter with the understanding that those were indeed his actions that he needed to take ownership of. At first I thought it was cute and I laughed at how my little brother played people but then I realized; Michael irregardless of the people had to be held accountable by someone. 
 Michael is more intelligent than his bad behavior and when I expected him to own up to it he did and he even wrote why it was wrong. It is my very strong personal opinion that people need to be held accountable for their behavior and not holding them to it hurts them the most.I want my brother to grow into the most fully independent and well adjusted member of society he can be. If that means being the big bad than I guess I accept. 


I'm quite glad Michael is my little brother. ! Even though of course as my little brother he drives me up a wall most days. I learn so much from him even though he's quite a few years younger than I am.
This is me and him sometime last year. Right now he's probably living life up unregulated.. I'm pretty stranded at college so the eye of Sauron isn't reaching him there. 

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