Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A test of time and ambiguity, Daedalus and Icarus

College Writing II, Photo Essay

Daedalus and Icarus is a Greek Mythology about a son and a father that are in a maze. Also in the maze, is a Minotaur that is supposed to kill them? Daedalus fashions him and his son a pair of wings to escape the maze; he tells his son not to fly to close to the son because the wax will melt.  Icarus his son does not listen to his dad, Daedalus and flies to close to the sun.
What gives me interest about this Myth are the mannerisms Icarus displays, he does not listen to his dad even though he had Icarus’s best interests at heart. The metaphors behind the Myth are very interesting; the whole idea of flying into the sun (the bright, life giving sun) and how the sun when you get to close burns you. The wings could be metaphoric as way of escape and the absolute genius that Daedalus had to possess to make them.

My Photo Essay
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In regards to the audience, I want them to question why the tale of Daedalus and Icarus is still around. I tried to keep it clear and concise with my pictures and argument to make sure I don’t overload them with information. I did not however lower any bars, or talk down to my audience but instead metaphorically treated them to the same way I felt when I asked myself why the myth was still relevant.
For me the myth is relevant because is brings you just deep enough to be completely fascinated with the tale and then leaves you to question exactly what it meant.
I feel as if the mythology of Daedalus and Icarus is still relevant in today’s society. Even though it is from Ancient Greece it is still referenced today. 
·         I would use images of the TV shows that reference Icarus or the legend.
·         I would add pictures of the way it is used in modern day architecture or just mentioned in passing.
·         I might add that it is still taught to AJFROTC kids in the curriculum as early ideas of flight.
·         It is the hipster idea of a song title. And I would want to include the song maybe in the background. 
How it is used:
My mediums and image choices were very random and taken everywhere. I did not have to look too far in anyone direction to connect Greek mythology to today. The thought provocation I want to happen to the audience is one of random chance. I am not trying to force any idea onto the audience. However, I did add text to my pictures because I needed to be clear with my intentions.

To test the effectiveness of my photo essay I asked myself if I could draw the same conclusion as an individual not as interested in the subject. I believe that questions of the why, are the most intrinsic and fascinating so yes people would be inclined.

Honestly, I won’t know if I hit my target until someone does ask the question 'why'. But for me I think this turned out as well as I could have hoped with my shaky foundation with photo essays. 

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