Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Experience with the Photo Essay, College Writing II

In College Writing II we are currently writing a photo essay. The photo essay is a new way of looking at a writing assignment and writing something that's not only words. We started the process off by looking at a photo essay on the Times website I believe; which showed us all the food the world eats. It helped me see how effective pictures can be in an essay and showed me that the pictures can be just as effective as words. The pictures of that photo essay had something to say about the food that the everyday person in the world consumed and showed the differences between countries. It was a highly effective rhetoric that showed the viewer the subject matter much more effectively than words could have. 

Currently my class and I, are being asked to do something similar. My photo essay is on Icarus and Daedalus and how the Greek Mythology is relevant still. 

What gives me interest about this Myth are the mannerisms Icarus displays, he does not listen to his dad even though he had Icarus’s best interests at heart. The metaphors behind the Myth are very interesting; the whole idea of flying into the sun (the bright, life giving sun) and how the sun when you get to close burns you. The wings could be metaphoric as way of escape and the absolute genius that Daedalus had to possess to make them. 

But the fact that the Greek Mythology is still prevalent in today's culture is fascinating !!

My favorite example of how the Icarus legend is still influencing us: is a song by Bastille Icarus which is a great song about "flying to close to the sun" or doing something that will kill you even though it's alluring.

But all in all the photo essay is a very challenging but interesting way to write and I'm enjoying it. 

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